Accessories and Gifts FOR Santa Claus.
Sure he likes milk and cookies. He may want something more to help him around the world in his open sleigh and help him deliver all those gifts. Here are some ideas:

Santa Claus Belt and Belt Buckle

SantaClausBelts and Belt Buckles from .
Designed and handmade by Santa Claus Richard from the finest Leather
Santa Richard wearing the 101 King Santa

If you are a tall Santa with a large ‘cookie zone,’ here’s your belt.  Built especially for larger professional Santas. 6 3/8” high X 10 1/8” wide and comes with massive 5” leather belt.  
160 Knight Santa
Identical to the #110 but definitely smaller. 4 1/2” high X 6 ½” wide and comes with 3 1/8” leather belt.

130 Stylish Santa
For professional Santas who want to get noticed immediately. 6 1/16” high X 5 1/16” wide and comes with a 5” leather belt.
201 “S” style Santa
Identical to the #130 but slightly smaller. 4 ¾” high X 4 1/16” wide and comes with 3 1/8” leather belt.

140 Tradition Santa
For the professional Santa who loves tradition. 6” high X 5” wide and comes with 5” leather belt.
220 Jolly Santa
Identical to the #140 but slightly smaller.4 7/8” high X 4 3/16” wide and comes with 3 5/8” leather belt.

320 Artiste Santa
Here’s my best seller for the professional Santa who wants to make a great first impression. 5 3/8” high X 8 1/16” wide and comes with a 4” leather belt.
310 Prince Santa
Identical to the #320 but slightly smaller. 4 5/16” high X 6 7/16” wide and comes with a 3 1/8” leather belt.

510 All Year Santa
You will bring cheer all year long wearing this belt with your street clothes. 
2 3/4” high X 3 5/8” wide and comes with 1 ½” leather belt

520 Santa Everyday
If you are like me, you will want to bring holiday cheer to everyone year around. Wear this belt on your street clothes and just watch the smiles and recognition you will receive. You will want to wear this one everyday.
2 ¾” high X 3 5/8” wide and comes with 1 ½” leather belt.

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We wrote the Book "Becoming Santa". Do you have your copy and have you read and studied it to be ready for all those questions children will be asking?

Santa: What do you do at a Mall or at a Party?

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Entertaining, Informative, and FUN! In-depth coverage of developing professionalism, maximizing your
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Santa Claus House in North Pole Alaska

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